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Dear customers,

Moldindconbank informs you about the modification of the conditions of the promotion and the official Rules of the promotion „Feel the care of Moldindconbank and Mastercard”.

Thus, p.6.1.2. of the official Rules of the promotion is set out in the following wording:

”6.1.2. For the monthly awards:

- the holder of the social (pension) payments card, issued during the promotion period, must perform at least 1 transaction/month (1 lei and more), through POS-terminals installed at merchants and/or in the online environment during the promotion period. Every transaction is a chance. More transactions – more chances.

The winners of the monthly awards will be drawn monthly at the end of each stage.

The winners of monthly prizes can only be holders of social payments cards, as well as the retired persons.”

The ”Feel the care” social project aims to provide additional support and benefits to holders of social payments cards from Moldindconbank living in in Balti municipality.

The promotion runs between 20.08.2022 - 20.08.2023, and is purposed for the people who receive pension and social benefits from The National House of Social Insurance (CNAS)..

Enjoy gifts and discounts when making payments with the „Feel the care” social payments card from Mastercard and Moldindconbank:

  1. 1. Assured gift at the opening a „feel the care” card account
  2. 2. Health resort package for two persons.
  3. 3. 5% discount on the full range of products in the Linella store network and in the Felicia pharmacy network.

How to join the promotion?

  1. 1. Apply for the „Feel the care” social payments card from Mastercard and Moldindconbank
  2. 2. Make minimum 1 transaction/month with the „Feel the care” social payments card.

  • Benefits of Moldindconbank card:

✔ Free transfer of money to card;
✔ SMS-notification about the registration of money on the card;
✔ Free withdrawal of money from your account at any Moldindconbank ATM;
✔ Ability to pay all bills through the mobile app;

For more details read the Promotion Rules and visit the promotion page.

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