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Taraclia became the capital of Moldova’s ethnic diversity on Saturday. In this city in the south of the country, Bulgarians, Gagauz, Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans, but also other ethnicities, presented the customs, clothing, and the selected traditional food.

The event entitled „Unity Through Diversity” was organized by the Taraclia District Council, supported by the Agency for Interethnic Relations and the partners of local authorities, including Moldindconbank.

Mrs. Tzvetanka Kroumova, the First Deputy-Chairman and the acting Chairman of Moldindconbank, mentioned that Moldova's ethnic diversity is the country’s true wealth. ” We are also a multinational bank. Moldindconbank management is made up of high value specialists, representatives of at least eight nations and we are glad to be present at this beautiful celebration. Moldindconbank for 30 years supports initiatives that contribute to the promotion of traditions, and Taraclia raion is rightly a center of multiethnic Diversity”, said Tzvetanka Kroumova.

Guests that were present at the festival included Natalia Gavrilița, Prime Minister, Irina Vlah, Governor of ATU Gagauzia, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in our country, but also of the Bulgarian Presidency.

In her speech, the head of Government thanked all those present for their firm desire to preserve traditions.

„Only by knowing our past and respecting our present can we build a future together. Whatever language we speak, we all have a heart, our blood is the same color, and our desires are the same. We all want simple things: our homes to be warm, our children to go to school, and our elders to have a good life. We are a truly rich nation, because we have each other and, even if we are so different, we manage to remain united, like the fingers of the same hand,” said Natalia Gavrilita.

In turn, Ivan Paslari, the Chairman of Taraclia district, ethnic Bulgarian, thanked the MICB partners, on behalf of Mrs. Tzvetanka Kroumova, the First Deputy-Chairman, for their help in organizing the event  and underlined that ” this festival promotes the conviction that only in conditions of interethnic harmony can we expand multinational cooperation”.



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