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Get a free bank card from Moldindconbank in just 3 minutes


We are always next to you with our useful products and services! With the Moldindconbank card, you make purchases, payments, money transfers and enjoy innovative digital services. Now, in a single visit and in record time, you get a free payment card from Moldindconbank!

And that’s not all! Instant card from Moldindconbank comes with offers and discounts from the Discount Club, for sure you have heard of many of them and their list grows continuously: Restaurants / Leisure / Entertainment; Sports / Beauty / Health; IT Products / Phones / Home Appliances; Repair / Furniture / Everything for the home etc.

If you do not have a bank card yet, now it is the time to request an instant card in any Moldindconbank branch and enjoy the benefits:

    ✔ You can replace an expiring standard card.
    ✔ You can make the same transactions and payments as with a regular card.
    ✔ You have access to MICB Web / Mobile Banking remote service systems.
    ✔ Advanced security level.
    ✔ The instant card is issued only in MDL and does not contain information about the holder printed.

    How can you use the Instant card? Here are just a few examples:

✔ Payment of goods and services at merchants and online.
✔ Withdrawals / replenishment at ATMs and counters.
✔ Receiving / making transfers within the country and abroad.
✔ Payment of credit installments through MICB Web / Mobile Banking.
✔ Payment of communal payments via MICB Web / Mobile Banking.

For information about tariffs and limits on servicing cards issued by Moldindconbank, please click the link:  tariffs and limits

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