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Nikolay Borissov terminates his term as Chairman of Managing Board of Moldindconbank


Nikolay Borissov, Chairman of the Managing Board of Moldindconbank, completes his three-year term in the management of the financial institution.

Nikolay Borissov was appointed by the general meeting of Moldindconbank shareholders to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board at the end of June 2019, and in February 2020 was approved by the National Bank of Moldova as Chairman.

The interim of the function will be provided by the Deputy Chairman Tzvetanka Kroumova, until the National Bank of Moldova approves a new Chairman of the Managing Board. Mrs. Kroumova is a high-value specialist with 30 years of experience in the financial-banking, insurance, consulting and justice fields.

As a representative of Doverie United Holding in Bulgaria, Mr. Borissov participated in the evaluation of several banks in the Republic Of Moldova, including Moldinconbank, where the European investor became the majority shareholder, in March 2019.


During his term of office, Moldindconbank strengthened its positions on the banking market in the Republic of Moldova, becoming the most efficient financial institution in the country.

At the General meeting in June 2022, the Bank reported significant achievements: a coverage of over 20% of the market in terms of assets (20, 6%), loans granted (20, 4%) and deposits attracted (21,0%).

Moldindconbank is the first bank in the mortgage-lending segment, with a share of 27.6%, and it is the leading bank on the payment cards market, with a share of 37.8%, as well as in the payment card operations segment. The bank maintains a high level of liquidity and capitalization, demonstrating in 2021 the highest financial efficiency in the domestic banking system.

Thanks to the achievements of Moldindconbank, Doverie United Holding shares reached the TOP-3 by popularity on the Sofia Stock Exchange.

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