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The Banker: Moldindconbank is the leader in operational efficiency in Moldova


Moldindconbank is, for the second consecutive year, the most efficient bank in the Republic of Moldova in terms of operations. This is confirmed by a study by the prestigious international financial journal The Banker.  

”Moldindconbank obtained 6.17 points for operational efficiency out of 10 possible, this being the best result out of all the financial institutions in the Republic of Moldova. This index confirms that the business model promoted by the bank's management, focused on European best practices, is correct. This has allowed us to maintain a high level of lending while ensuring a quality loan portfolio. Our increased efficiency has allowed us to reduce the cost of running our business without affecting the quality of services provided to our customers. On the contrary, we are constantly working to provide new products that meet customer expectations, save money, offer convenience in performing banking operations and help them earn more, not just financially”, mentioned Mr. Nikolay Borissov, Chairman of the Managing Board.

Moldindconbank is one of the leaders in the banking market in the Republic of Moldova and holds the top position in the segments of bank cards, real estate loans, branch network. The bank is owned by Doverie United Holding of Bulgaria, which recently increased its stake in the bank's share capital to 78,21%.

Due to the additional investment in the capital of Moldindconbank, the shares of Doverie United Holding have reached the top of the preferences of the brokers on the Sofia Stock Exchange.  

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