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Moldindconbank continues to support Republican Clinical Hospital for treatment of COVID-19 patients in severe condition


Moldindconbank has already become a reliable partner of doctors in Republic of Moldova, who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. To make their work easier and increase patients chances of recovery, the bank donated to Republican Clinical Hospital "Timofei Moșneaga" a batch of high-performance infusers, of German production and consumables for them.

"We have patients with lung complications, caused by COVID-19 infection in the intensive care unit. It is absolutely necessary for them to administer strictly dosed drugs through automatic syringes. These infusers will help our doctors fight more effectively for patients lives", mentioned the director of Hospital, Andrei Uncuța, during the donation ceremony.

"We cannot remain indifferent in the created situation, and we decided to contribute with 7 infusers and consumables for them, worth 10 thousand euros, requested by Republican Clinical Hospital "Timofei Moşneaga". We hope that, thanks to this support, patients in serious condition will be able to return home more quickly to their families", said Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of Moldindconbank, Penka Kratunova.

In turn, Chairman of the Managing Board, Nikolay Borissov, mentioned that the financial institution constantly provides support to Hospital and its staff.

"We are grateful to the doctors for their noble work and we are convinced that the new donation will give them an additional advantage in the fight for patients lives ", said Nikolay Borissov.

Previously, Moldindconbank sent to Republican Clinical Hospital "Timofei Moşneaga" a high-performance lung ventilation device, worth 288,000 lei, but also a financial support in the amount of 105,000 lei, intended for protective material purchase for Hospital staff.

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