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Moldindconbank launched the deposit „Grandioso”


At its 60-th anniversary, Moldindconbank launched the deposit „Grandioso”! Made by a dedicated team, with traditions and values - the "Grandioso" deposit offers you an advantageous interest over a period of 60 months, with the possibility of completing, withdrawing and capitalizing the interest.





In addition to the possibility of making long-term savings, the "Grandioso" deposit offers you the unique option of terminating the deposit contract with the partial payment of the interest calculated, depending on the term of the contract resolution:

  • in the first 12 months from the date of deposit formation, the interest is not paid;
  • after 12 months - 24 months, 50% of the calculated interest is paid;
  • after 24 months - 36 months, 60% of the calculated interest is paid;
  • after 36 months - 48 months, 70% of the calculated interest is paid;
  • after 48 months - 60 months, 80% of the calculated interest is paid.

For details, acces the Moldindconbank deposit offer or the Guide on the conditions for accepting deposits of individuals.

Moldindconbank – trully Grandioso!

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