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Moldindconbank - among the most profitable banks in Southeastern Europe


Moldindconbank is ranked among the largest banks in Southeast Europe, this year being ranked 74th, with 9 positions above comparing to the previous year, according to SEE Top 100 Banks 2019 ranking, developed by the international financial agency SeeNews. Moreover, according to the same raiting, Moldindconbank holds the 5th place in the region in terms of ROA, being also the leader among the commerial banks in the Republic of Moldova.

SeeNews TOP 100 Banks is an annual ranking of the largest banks in South East Europe, based on total assets and net profit. On december 31, 2018 Moldindconbank registred a total asset value of EUR 844 million.

In the ranking Top 100 bank were included banks from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzogovina and Albania

SEE Top 100 Banks 2019 is a special edition of the ranking of the largest banks in Southeast Europe in terms of assets held on December 31, 2018.



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