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Now you can receive MoneyGram remittances directly on your Moldindconbank card!


Good news for Moldindconbank clients! One of the most popular international money remittance systems - MoneyGram, is now available in Direct Transfer. Thus, customers can get online, quickly and conveniently, MoneyGram transfers directly to their personal card, current account or deposit account.

We recall that Direct Transfer is an electronic service launched by Moldindconbank that can be accessed at any time of day from any Internet-connected device and offers the possibility to receive quick transfers, avoiding rows from the bank's counter.

All you have to do is fill in the online questionnaire ( with the necessary data:

  • Unique transfer code;
  • Your 13-digit IDNP;
  • The number of the card or account on which the transfer is made;
  • Amount and transfer currency.

Money will reach your account in minutes!

Currently, Direct Transfer has the following money remittance systems: MoneyGram, Ria Transfer, Unistream and Intel Express.

MoneyGram - one of the leaders in the money remittance market, with over 350,000 network offices in over 200 countries, offering fast and secure sending and receipt of transfers.

More details on the Direct Transfer page.

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