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Moldindconbank winter offer – loans with only 5% interest rate!


This winter is full of beautiful surprises! Moldindconbank offers mortgage and consumer loans with only 5% per year interest rate.

Whether you want a new home or a dream vacation with your loved ones, you can get them now, at more advantageous costs than ever. Even if you already have a loan at another bank and you want to pay lower rates, you can transfer it to us with no commission.

Even more, when you contract a loan, you get a free bank card that will provide you access to the most advanced online banking systems Web Banking, Mobile Banking and unique opportunities on the market.

The offer is valid for new loans granted in the period from December 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018.

You can find more details of the offer here or in any Moldindconbank branch.   

*For a purchase mortage loan in the amount of 500 000 MDL, for 240 months, the annual effective interest rate is 10.5%.

Start a good year with Moldindconbank!

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