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Use the mobile app from Moldindconbank to add and withdraw cash at ATMs without a card!


Good news for Moldindconbank cardholders! On November 1 the Bank has upgraded the MICB Mobile Banking app with various innovative smart banking features.

The new mobile app offers smartphone users (iOS and Android) unique benefits such as:

  • Fingerprint/TouchID authentication;
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs using a mobile phone (Cash by Code);
  • Add cash to cards using a mobile phone (Cash-in by Code);
  • Money transfers by sending a bar code to people, trusted to withdraw cash at the ATM;
  • Pay utility bills and telecommunications services;
  • Create scheduled payments and manage templates directly from your phone;
  • ATM locations interactive map.

Even more, the app design has been improved, it has become more intuitive and convenient for accessing services, at any time and anywhere.

Moldindconbank continues to innovate the local banking market, by launching digital solutions, that bring customers mobility, save their time and give them the ability to manage their money, without needing to visit the bank.

Moldindconbank is a recognized leader on the Moldovan card market, with over 600.000 cards in circulation (36% market share) and over 100.000 users of Web-Banking and Mobile-Banking. The services are available FOR FREE, to all Moldindconbank cardholders and can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

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