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For the second year in a row, Moldindconbank was named „The most innovative bank in Moldova”, in 2015 by the prestigious American financial magazine Global Finance and this year by the renowned UK publication Global Banking & Finance Review. British experts have also awarded P2P Transfer - „The Best Banking Product of Moldova in 2016”, the service allows clients to perform card-to-card money transfers, simply by accessing the site

All the recipients of the Global Banking & Finance Review awards were selected by the editorial board of the magazine, in collaboration with international experts, which focused on the banks’ strategy to adapt to the needs of customers and their ability to provide innovative products and services. The experts also remarked that Moldindconbanks’ electronic services are not only convenient and safe, but also highly appreciated among clients.

Moldindconbank continually comes up with new products and services, for which it was rightfully awarded the title of "Most Innovative Bank", some of the electronic services launched by the bank are unique on the Moldovan market:

This award is proof that Moldindconbank has chosen the right market strategy, a fact also confirmed by the popularity of the services we have launched during the course of the year. I am proud that Moldindconbank has become one of the leading banks in the country by successfully applying and implementing the latest available innovations, meant to offer clients a new experience and provide the highest standards in banking services. I believe that our efforts are appreciated by the community and this motivates us to pursue, with the same professionalism and enthusiasm, our goals and our commitment to putting customers' needs first.” mentioned Mr. Leonid Talmaci, Chairman of the Managing Board of BC „Moldindconbank” S.A.

While offering a wide array of banking services, Moldindconbank constantly seeks to find ways to innovate and deliver better value to clients. There is a commitment to provide easy access to services and accommodate busy lifestyles and schedules.

Today Moldindconbank is one of the leading financial institutions in the country, and with serious investments in technology it has become a pioneer in the banking sector and continuously seeks innovative ways to update the financial services market.

Global Banking and Finance Review is a leading online magazine providing informative and independent news within the global financial community. The Global Banking and Finance Review Awards reflect the innovation, achievement, strategy, progressive and inspirational changes taking place within the global financial community.

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