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Caring attitude toward our employees - the key to Moldindconbanks success!


Moldindconbank considers its human resources as one of the most valuable assets - people who work and who, individually or collectively, contribute to achieving the company’s objectives.

As proof of this, the Bank’s management – the Board of directors and the Managing Board, held a meeting with all the bank officers, cashiers and chief-cashiers, which constitute about 490 people or more than 50% employees of Moldindconbanks branches.

In order to show our appreciation and motivate our employees, we have awarded diplomas and valuable prizes at the event, including annual wage supplements, to the most active bank officers, for achievements in various categories.

During the meeting, the banks management shared a strong message of support for branch employees by increasing their salaries.

The meeting was also attended by Moldindconbanks partners, who wanted to applaud the efforts and the results of Moldindconbank employees in promoting banking products, by offering them various gifts and cash prizes.     

Moldindconbanks management aims to develop a strong team of employees with high professional standards, with the same principles and ethical values, that in the end will help achieve the banks performance goals and provide the best customer service.

We want our employees to feel valued, to give them the opportunity to grow both on an individual and professional level, regardless of their role in Moldindconbank. We want to provide a motivating work environment and retain valuable employees.”, mentioned Mr. Valerian Mîrzac, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Today Moldindconbank prides itself with over 1,400 employees and invests in creating new jobs by continually expanding its network of subdivisions.

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