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Innovations in the market of bank transfers –


For the first time in Moldova, we announce the launching of a new website which allows you to transfer money from your personal bank card to any card in the world, regardless of the card issuing bank.

The new opportunities are possible due to Moldindconbank’s development of card to card transfer technology – Transfer P2P, which from now on is available to all MasterCard and VISA card users, issued by Moldovan and foreign banks*.

Thanks to this everyone can transfer money to relatives or friends, whenever they need it. All you need is an Internet-connected device and the recipient card number (MasterCard or VISA).

P2P Transfer advantages:

  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Convenient and simple in use (without login and password)
  • Transfer money in the currency of your choice (MDL / EUR / USD) **
  • Money is transferred in real time ***
  • 3D-Secure additional level of protection

When making a P2P transfer using a card issued by a foreign bank, the sender’s card has to be registered (except Moldindconbank cards). Registering your card is easy and free, and only requires one-time registration. You can register your card in any Moldindconbank branch, all you need is a valid identity card and the card/cards you wish to use to make transfers.

If you are interested in making a money transfer via we provide technical and informational support (24/24), for assistance contact (022) 54 89 40. Moldindconbank applies transaction limits and charges the sender according to the Bank fees.***

P2P Transfer - Easier Than You Can Imagine!

* Transfers from foreign VISA cards are prohibited by VISA International payment system.

** In case of discrepancy between the transferred currency and recipient’s card account currency, the money will be automatically converted, according to the rules and fees for this kind of transactions by the card issuing bank.

*** Moldindconbank is not responsible for the terms and card replenishment options of the cards issued by other Moldovan and foreign banks.

**** Moldindconbank is not responsible for the fees and the way the recipient’s bank and/or sender’s bank charges fees.

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