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Protect your Internet transactions with 3D-Secure from Moldindconbank!


Starting March 15 2016, all Moldindconbank card users can make payments through the Internet using the security option 3D-Secure.       

Whether or not you've made payments online, Moldindconbank offers you for free the 3D-Secure service, meant to protect you from potential fraud, unauthorized use of your card, for all online transactions, anywhere in the world.

The new technology is designed to bring the virtual world to the same level of security as the real world, which means confirming the transactions with an additional passcode, whenever a payment is made online, at merchants certified for this.

Today, more than 350,000 online shops around the world allow payments using 3D-Secure technology, and their list is growing. Online shops that support this technology display the following logos:

- for MasterCard Worldwide payment system


- for VISA International payment system


3D-Secure is enabled the moment an online transaction takes place, by additional identification of the cardholder using one of the following methods:

  • SMS – the password is sent by a message to the mobile phone number registered in the Banks database,
  • Mobile-Banking – the password generated in the MICB Mobile Banking application, installed on your smartphone,
  • ATM – using a one-time password generated at Moldindconbank ATMs.

Registration or updating your mobile number in the database of the Bank can be performed remotely by activating the SMS notification service, or calling the Card Support Service +373 22 54 89 40 (24/24).

As of September 1st 2016, use of 3D-Secure service will be mandatory for all Bank clients, until then each Moldindconbank card user will have 20 possibilities to postpone the activation of 3D-Secure payments on the Internet.

More details about using 3D-Secure can be found on the Bank's website or by calling  +373 22 54 89 40 Support Service (available 24/24).

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