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Moldindconbank has launched the VISA Platinum card!


Starting March 2016 Moldindconbank announces issuance of VISA Platinum card from the premium category with exclusive privileges.

The new VISA Platinum card is part of the package "Exclusive Platinum" and is intended for selected persons, focused on quality of services who frequent by travel abroad.

Visa Platinum gives the holder a high status, an impeccable financial reputation and a special service anywhere it will be used.
Moreover, when traveling abroad, VISA Platinum cardholder will automatically benefit from full insurance, inclusive for members of his family, which includes, in premiere for Moldova, the insurance against sport risks for amateurs.

VISA Platinum exclusive privileges:
  • Privileged serving by personal manager who can advise you with the utmost confidentiality, concerning services and products offered, and will quickly resolve ambiguities arising;
  • 24/24 support hotline (+373) 22 78 55 77;
  • Comprehensive insurance (medical expenses, judicial) for the holder and his family members when traveling abroad by offering insurance card;
  • Priority access to VIP airport lounges around the world by offering a Priority Pass card included with the Exclusive Platinum
  • Global Support Services GCAS for the immediate release of cash and bank card issuance;
  • Informational medical and legal assistance during the journey;
  • Protection of purchases paid with VISA Platinum card;
  • Special offers and discounts at luxury hotels, car rental (Avis, Herz) and elite access in various locations around the world.

Unique services included in VISA Platinum Exclusive:

  1. Supplementary issuance of 4 bank cards in a package for the holder and his family members;
  2. Credit line with preferential credit conditions - interest rate, grace period and significant reduction of the monthly charge for your account;
  3. Accrued interest calculated for the account balance of the subscriber for package Platinum Exclusive;
  4. P2P service - for transferring money directly on any card in the world using web-banking, mobile banking and ATM banking;
  5. Preferential tariffs for other banking services;
  6. Reduced Commissions for replacement of the account through bank transfer,
  7. Unlimited SMS notifications – at any movement of money on the card account,
  8. Free access to Web-Banking and Mobile Banking – for remote administration of the card account and card related, including: locking / unlocking cards, view of  balances and statements, making of  payments to suppliers;
  9. Free supply of the card in Cash-in ATMs of the bank with immediate availability of funds;
  10. Withdrawing cash from Moldindconbank ATMs in MDL / EUR / USD;
  11. Cash-by-code - cash withdrawal without physical use of the card,
  12. Cash in Cardless -in – replenishment of cards at "CASH-iN", without physical use of the card
  13. Access to the 3D-Secure service - modern and effective technology for maximum online protection of payments.

In the promotional period 01.03.2016 - 31.05.2016, there is no card issuing fee included in the with Exclusive Platinum package.

For more information call the dedicated support service 24/24 (+373) 22 78 55 77 Support Service card or 24/24 (+373) 22 54 89 40, or visit the official website of the bank

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