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„SMS-Business” – a new service for businesses from Moldindconbank


On 18th January 2016 Moldindconbank has launched a new remote service for businesses – „MICB SMS-Business” - aimed to provide information about any movement of money in accounts.

The new service provides the most simple and convenient way to keep up with state business bank accounts directly from your mobile phone.

Every transaction carried out on any of the Moldindconbank current accounts, the account holder will be informed in real time via SMS and e-mail (upon request), about the amount of money that are registered or withdrawn to/from your account.

Notification by SMS and e-mail will contain: precise data about the time, transaction amount, payment destination account/name beneficiary and the remain balance available after operations.

Advantages "MICB SMS Business":

  • 24/24 control over the operations performed on current accounts;
  • Real-time information provided in safe conditions;
  • Option to set limits for operations amounts to be notified.

„MICB SMS-Business” is available in three options:

  • package of 25 messages/month;
  • package of 50 messages/month;
  • package of 100+ messages/month.

Subscribing is easy! All you have to do is to submit an application with a cell phone number (Orange, Moldcell or Unite) to any Moldindconbank subdivision and provide a valid e-mail address, to which notices will be sent.

In addition, the registration for the service "SMS-Business MICB" is FREE until July 18, 2016 and the first month of subscription - free of charge.

More details here.

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