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Services provided to legal entities

Cash collection


Payments collection service is a professional approach to transportation of the cash and other values.

Moldindconbank provide the following services to economic units:

  • Cash collection  and deposit into beneficiary account;
  • Client transportation and accompanying, to the direction asked by the client, with cash and other values;
  • Delivering of cash and other cash values to the destination, specified by the client;
  • Transportation of personal cheques, payment and settlement documents, to specified direction.

In order to insure the integrity and security of cash and other values, the Bank has at its disposal:

  • Specialized and modern equipment;
  • Armored cars;
  • Radio communication means, sound and illumination devices;
  • Own cashing service;
  • Qualified collectors, which attended specialized training courses and have practical skills to work withcash and othervalues.

The experience and professionalism of bank employees allows competent collection and transportation of cash and other values, in Chisinau and all over Moldova.

The Bank guarantees security and integrity of collected the cash and its transportation to the direction specified in the contract. The Bank bears entire material responsibility towards clients for taking care of cash and other values, to the value of the collection. Collection of cash and other values shall conform to MNB standards.

Cash collection hour, the itinerary, the term and the accounts to place the cash shall be selected by the client. The client alone shall choose the convenient hour for him, including days off and holidays.


Cash collection services are provided by the Bank Cash Collection Service, on the basis of bilateral contract, in the best conditions. The service cost is analyzed for each client individually, considering the distance and periodicity of collection.

For information please call: 022 576 720, 022 576 756, 022 576 757.