Using your card

Card security

In order to increase the card safety, restrictions on transactions (excluding transactions conducted over the internet) performed in the countries listed in the attached document have been set.

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Country list

To enable the possibility of using the card in these countries, please contact Bank’s Support Service at the number +373 22 548 940. Support Service is available 24/24.

Card blockage:

In case of card theft or loss You may solicit its blockage calling the Non-stop Support service at the number +373 22 548 940. After the reissue of the card, the access to the money from the card account is re-established.

Card deblocking:

In case of card blockage in the result of incorrect PIN code entering, You may call the non-stop support service at the number +373 22 548 940 in order to solicit the deblocking.

Verification of owner:

During carrying out of a transaction with the card, it is requested to enter the PIN code or it is verified the customer signature on the base of the signature specimen. Sometimes it is requested to present the identity document. Thereby, the access to the money from the account for other persons is limited.

Measures of security:

The owner shall:

  • not tell the PIN code to anybody;
  • take care during PIN entering nobody to see the entered numbers;
  • not keep the PIN envelope. To write the PIN (in case of necessity) in the way it will not be evidently that this is a PIN code (to mask as a telephone number etc.);
  • not write the PIN code on the card;
  • not transmit the card to other persons, inclusive to close and distant relatives.
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Card customer service
(+373) 22 54-89-40