Using your card

Cash withdrawal at ATMs

To withdraw cash from an ATM, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Insert your card;
  • Select the language in which the information will be displayed on the ATM’s screen;
  • Enter the secret PIN code (to ensure safety, make sure that no one is seeing your PIN code, while entering your PIN code please cover the keyboard with your hand);
  • Press the "Cash withdrawal" button;
  • Select the currency (Moldindconbank’s ATMs dispense cash in MDL, USD or EUR);
  • Select the desired amount (choose the desired amount from the predefined list or enter another amount by pressing the "Other Amount" button);
  • Choose to print or not the check;

Important: Moldindconbank ATMs dispense firstly your card, then the cash you have requested!

  • Take the card;
  • Take the money;
  • Take the check (if you have chosen the option to print the check).
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