Using your card

Card usage

Types of operations:

  • Cash withdraw;
  • Payment for goods / services.

Service office:

  • ATMs;
  • Bank terminals;
  • Commercial offices and places of services rendering (shops, restaurants, hotels, Internet etc.).

Service networks:

  • Moldindconbank;
  • Any bank or trader who participates at the system of payments. At placement of service shall be posted the mark of respective card.


  • Republic of Moldova;
  • About 120 countries in the world.
  • There is no need of declaration of card account money passing the board. Taking the card in a trip, You solve simultaneously the problem of money security, declaration, and conversion.

Currency operations:

  • There is possible the implementation of operations in any currency, regardless of the account currency. The payments system and the bank will convert automatically the amount into the account currency.
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