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Services provided to legal persons
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Services provided to legal persons
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An innovative solution for your cash needs!

Why Factoring? Is the best solution for financing your enterprise implies the claims and tracking their every borrower. During the course you will receive factoring financing, administration and collection of receivables evidenced by invoices.

  • Do you need an integrated solution for receivables management paid on time?
  • Are you interested in effective management of your receivables, which would allow you to reduce costs and time allocated to this purpose?
  • Do you want to be able to focus on production and sales rather than pursuing receivables collection?

The solution which BC “Moldindconbank” SA proposes you is FACTORING - a flexible product that implies taking your receivables and their control for every debtor. During the course you will be provide with its funding services, administration and collection of receivables evidenced by invoices.

Financing bills

You wait no longer maturity of bills, you immediately benefit from necessary cash to reinstate the cycle of production and sales. The solution which we propose to you turns your term collections into sight collections, insuring financing of cash needs.

BC “Moldindconbank” SA finance you up to 90% of the invoice /s counter value within the limits approved for each business relationship. The difference shall be refunded upon full receipt of invoice / s the bank.

Availabilities thus obtained can be used without specifying the destination of the amounts.

Receivables management

BC “Moldindconbank” S.A. will take over your receivables and will follow them for each debtor.

Your advantages:

  • Reduced staff costs
  • Reduced administrative costs: mail, telephone, fax
  • Reduced time spent by you on these issues

Receivables Collection

BC “Moldindconbank” S.A. collects receivables according to the invoice / s related to FACTORING.

Factoring Operation Scheme

  • Delivery of goods in deferred payment terms.
  • Transfer of receivables to bank for the performed delivery.
  • Advance payment (financing up till 90 % of the delivery value) just after delivery.
  • Payment of goods delivered in amount of 100 %.
  • Payment of amount remaining after deduction of accrued interest.