Card account statement

The electronic card account statement assures the operative access for the card owner to the following information:

  • available sum in card account;
  • last transactions carried out by card.

The activation of service may be performed:

By telephone:

  • Choose a password;
  • Call (+373) 22 54 89 40 (the service is available 24/24);
  • Answer the questions of the Support Service of Bank Cards Department;
  • Communicate the password chosen by You.

This service is offered free of charge!

Access to mini-statement -  Enter as login the card number and the password solicited by You.

If there is no necessity to use the access to the mini-statement, please contact Support service of Bank Cards Department by calling to the following number (+373) 022 54 89 40.

After the card reissue it is necessary to solicit the service activation for the new card because the number of the card shall be used as login at the online authentication.

0 800 11111
Card customer service
(+373) 22 54-89-40