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Overdraft on salary card

Fast and Flexible!

Overdraft loan gives you the opportunity to have an additional amount of money at any time on your salary card account, which you can use to meet current needs. The loan is given in the form of a revolving credit line and its guaranteed by the salary divestiture.

  • Maximum amount of the loan is set up to 10 net salaries, but not more than 200 000 mdl.
  • Minimum credit period - 21 months.
  • Maximum lending period - 30 months.
  • Grace period - 10 months from the date of singing the credit agreement.
  • Granting currency - MDL.
  • Interest rate*: 11% - 14% annually (floating).
  • *Annual effective interest rate varies depending on the period and type of credit requested. Calculate the total cost here.

  • With fidejussion (upon necessity)
  • Method of payment:
    • Monthly - during the last 20 months until the maturity of the loan;
    • Monthly - 5% of the amount of the credit agreement or 20 equal rates.
    • The credit limit decreases monthly by the 01st of each calendar month (within the last 20 months up to the maturity of the loan) by 5% of the amount of the credit granted under the credit agreement.
  • Other payments: according to the tariff policy of the Bank

Who can benefit from a Overdraft on salary card?

1.  Individuals, holders of salary cards issued by Moldindconbank, which operate within the institutions and companies that have concluded salary projects with the bank.
2.  Ownership of real estate (dwelling, construction or agricultural land, gardens) in property without prohibition (if the held loans are in the amount of more than 100 000 MDL).
  • Required documents:
    • Identity card (original and copy).
    • Upon necessity, the bank may request additional documents.