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General lending conditions for individuals

Consumer loans

Consumer loan without collateral

Do you want to go on vacation, invest in comfort or studies? We offer you the money you need to fund your current expences.

  • Amount: 5 000 lei - 400 000 lei
  • Loan period: up to 60 months
  • Without collateral
  • Annual interest rate:
    • 10.5% annual (fixed), for preferred customers*
    • 11.5% annual (fixed), for standard customers
  • Unique Granting commission - 0%
  • Administration fee - 0%

  • Payment method: monthly by annuity method (equal payments) or classic method (decreasing payments)
  • Other payments: according to tariff policy of the Bank

Annual interest rate varies depending on the period and type of credit requested. Calculate the total cost here
**Preferential clients - individuals with good credit history / receiving salary and/or pension on Moldindconbank card.

Who can benefit?

1.   Resident of Moldova: citizen of RM, foreign citizen or person without citizenship (statelessness), with permanent residence in RM, who:
      •  holds the appropriate identity document, issued by the competent authority of the RM valid at the moment of requesting the credit
2.  Age between 20 - 70 years (the maximum age until which the credit is refunded).
3.  Employed in the field of work for a minimum of 6 months and at the current job with a minimum of 4 months.
Note: Except retired people and those who give the lease of movable / immovable property.
4.  Ownership of real estate (dwelling, construction or agricultural land, gardens) in property without prohibition (if the loan amount is more than 100 000 MDL).

What are the necessary documents?

1.   Identity card, valid.
2.   At least one of the following documents that prove the incomes:
      •  Information received from the State Tax Service, or
      •  The pensioner's card with the compulsory indication of the current pension, or the statement from the account in which the pension is paid.
      •  As appropriate, may be accepted other documents.
3.  Upon necessity, the bank may request additional documents.