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Credit card "Social"


With care form moms, Moldindconbank offers the opportunity to quickly and easily obtain a credit card, just on the basis of the child care allowance.

  • Amount: from 5000 lei, up to 5 mothly allowances
  • Credit period: from 11 to 34 months
  • Grace period: up to 60 days (when paying interest)
  • Interest rate: from 9,5% yearly (floating) (Percentage Policy)

*Annual effective interest rate varies depending on the period and type of the credit requested. Calculate the total cost here

  • Credit line in different currencies: MDL, USD, EUR
  • Granting fee: zero lei (upon payments with the card at traders and on Internet)
  • Card issuance fee: zero lei

Why to choose the Moldindconbank credit card?

  • Various reimbursment methods - charging at Cash-In ATM's, through P2P transfer or at the counter;
  • Discounts up to 20% at Discount Club partners - for purchases paid with the card;
  • SMS notification service - receive instant messages on your phone, all transactions made with the card (purchases, witdrawls and charging with cash, etc.)