Current accounts

A current account can be used to manage your everyday finances, deposit or withdraw money. Current accounts can be opened in Moldovan lei and foreign currency.

  • To open a current account individuals, residents or non-residents, who do not practice enterprise activity or other activities, need to provide the following documents:
  • request for account opening
  • copy of the identity card of the account holder
  • questionnaire for individuals
  • If the account is opened by an authorized person, they need to provide the documents:
  • request for account opening, completed by the authorized person
  • a copy of the identity card of the account holder, Notary legalized (at the first presentation at the bank, the account holder, for identification, shall present the original identity card)
  • copy of the identity card of the authorized person
  • the act, authenticated by the Notary or the copy of the act, that empowers the authorized person to open an account
  • questionnaire for the individual