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Cash-In is a service that offers you the possibility to deposit cash to your account, directly at Moldindconbank Cash-In ATMs.

Advantages and possibilities:

  • Unlimited access 24/24.
  • Free for Moldindconbank cards.
  • Deposit can be done in MDL, USD and EUR*.
  • ATMs accept up to 50 banknotes concomitant, of the same currency, with a different nominal value.
  • Available for cards issued by other banks in Moldova and abroad, according to tariffs.
  • Deposit money to any Moldindconbank card account, without physical use of card(Cardless).
  • Making exchange currency*.
  • Money is instantly available.


  • Don't enter more than 50 banknotes at the same time.
  • Don't insert banknotes of different currencies at the same time.
  • The ATM does not accept banknotes with the nominal value of 1, 5, 10 lei and 500 euro.
  • Don’t enter checks, trolleybus tickets and other foreign objects in the ATM.
  • Avoid damaged and bent banknotes.
  • Put the money correctly - the long side of the banknote goes forward.

How to deposit cash to your account using an Cash-In ATM?

  1. Insert your bank card (Visa/Mastercard) and enter PIN code.
  2. Select the option Card replenishment and insert the cash into the designated slot.
  3. Check the displayed data and confirm the operation.

*Attention! If you deposit cash in a currency other than the card account currency, the funds will be converted automatically at the commercial rate established by the bank for transactions with bank cards.

Replenish MICB cards - using a card CASH-IN CARDLESS: Replenish MICB cards - without using a card Replenish cards issued by banks from Moldova or abroad - using a card CASH-IN CARDLESS: Replenish cards issued by banks from Moldova or abroad - without using a card