We believe that philanthropy is one of the mandatory activities of a responsible company, that respects the environment and the society in which it operates.


Your contribution can change the lives and the future of a child or a family, or it can improve the living conditions of an elderly person. You can help create a better life for people in need.

Any help is important and every donation is valuable!

Bank Accounts for Donations

Beneficiary Identity code Account number Currency IBAN Beneficiary Branch Purpose/Destination of the donated money
Ciobanu Petru 2004020040123 2259A03257981 MDL MD81ML000002259A03257981 "Alba Iulia" branch Treatment of Alexandra Stavila, diagnosed with spinal amyotrophy.
2259A03258001 EUR MD26ML000002259A03258001
2259A03257982 USD MD54ML000002259A03257982
Sobol Ludmila 0981903207441 2259A5828561 MDL MD38ML0000002259A5828561 "Alba Iulia" branch Treatment of son Valeriu, 12 years, diagnosed with brain tumor.
2259A03135581 EUR MD91ML000002259A03135581
Oleg Racu 0972305486428 22596498454336 MDL MD25ML000022596498454336     "Centru" branch The wife suffers from basal bone cancer. Requires surgery abroad, the amount needed is 50 000 EUR.
Sergiu Postolache 0990212202306 2259A02144942 MDL MD79ML000002259A02144942     "Testemițeanu" branch Born on 12.09.1983, suffers from liver cirrhosis. A liver transplant will give him a chance to live, but it is very expensive.
Oţel Marcel 0960706548931 2259A34198441 MDL MD82ML000002259A34198441 "Ştefan cel Mare" branch His son, Oţel Matei, was diagnosed with stenosis of the pulmonary veins. Unique in RM, requires surgery in Germany, Bad Oeynhausen City, HDZ NRW Center.
2259A34198442 EUR MD55ML000002259A34198442
Ţurcan Gheorghi 2005021008325 2259A29158581 MDL MD46ML000002259A29158581 "Invest" branch The person is gravely ill, the family lives in poor conditions, without electricity and heating.
Rudi Pavel 2003028029710 2259A29222442 MDL MD71ML000002259A29222442 Copilul în vîrstă de 11 luni, Rudi Matei a fost diagnosticat cu tumoare a nervului optic, are nevoie de operație în Viena și 1.5 ani de chimioterapie.
2259A29222441 EUR MD98ML000002259A29222441
Cibotari Veronica 099280689297 2259A0374141 MDL MD91ML0000002259A0374141 "Alba Iulia" branch Donations to help with heart surgery for daughter.
Papucciu Adriana 2005044103739 2259A0376181 MDL MD91ML0000002259A0376181 Donations to help with surgery for father.
2259A0376201 EUR MD91ML0000002259A0376201
Saratura Olesea 2002036092888 2252913629 MDL MD36ML000000002252913629 "Flacăra" branch Oncological disease, diagnosed after the birth of the second child.
2252913629 USD MD36ML000000002252913629
2252913629 EUR MD36ML000000002252913629
Iarotcaia Marina 0982606032545 2252417770 MDL MD95ML000000002252417770 "Remiz" branch Treatment and rehabilitation of child Gumeniuc Sofia, 2 years, diagnosed with brain tumor.
Vornic Pavel 0970704890316 2259A0759901 MDL MD50ML0000002259A0759901 "Ceucari" branch Heart surgery
Devitchi Iurie 981902013599 2259A3095601 MDL MD21ML0000002259A3095601 "Zorile" branch Suffered a trauma of the spine (neck area). Needs costly procedures for physical rehabilitation.
Rodica Chilianu 2004021024481 2252164425 MDL MD67ML000000002252164425 "Moscova" branch First degree disability with reduced vitality (childhood eye illness).
Podgorodetchi Mariana 2003021073552 2259A4033183 USD MD76ML0000002259A4033183 Criuleni city branch 1,5 year old child has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma (cancer, tumor size 6X9 cm). The expensive treatment will take place in a clinic in Turkey- the amount needed 27 000 EUR.
2259A4033181 EUR MD33ML0000002259A4033181
2259A4033182 MDL MD06ML0000002259A4033182
Veda Zinovia 2005026021231 22526601364 Multicurrency MD95ML0000022526601364 Ocniţa city branch Charitable donations for disabled nephew
Gudima Maria 2001026524848 225236025 MD62ML00000225236025 Charitable donations for disabled son
Igor Crivoi 2003026003594 2259A6057801 MDL MD31ML0000002259A6057801 Charity for daughter aged 1,6 years, need of treatment in the Belarus oncology clinic.
2259A6057802 EUR MD04ML0000002259A6057802
2259A6057821 USD MD73ML0000002259A6057821
Ivan Grosu 2008026003337 22527601549 Multicurrency MD94ML000000022527601549 The young man (28 years), between pain and hope, was diagnosed with post-traumatic posterior urethral structure. Complications led to - secondary chronic pyelonephritis.
Creţu Alexandra 2005004176065 2259A21101741 MDL MD04ML000002259A21101741 Balti city branch Treatment of child Cretu Taisia, 4 years, diagnosed with brain tumor.

Thank you for your decision to help improve the chances for a better future for people in need!