Remuneration system

Salary cards project

Bank cards for salary represent a convenient and safe way to pay the salaries of your employees.

Moldindconbank issues international payment systems cards - Mastercard International and VISA International, thus serving their card holders in the majority of countries of the world.

When implementing the project, we offer VISA Electron or Debit Mastercard to employees and Mastercard Gold and VISA Gold prestige level cards – to the top management of the organization.

For whom?

The project is available to any organization that is paying salaries.

Advantages of the project

For organization:

  • Considerably reduces the tasks of accounting and cashier departments;
  • Excludes cash and afferent costs and risks: transportation, dealing with banknotes, etc.;
  • Insures employee security;
  • Centralizes the salaries transfer to all organization branches;
  • Overdraft option for employees, who can benefit, when necessary, of a loan in the amount of up to 3 salaries. 

For employee:

  • Free banking services: card issuing, card account administration, withdrawal of cash from ATM and Bank branches, payment for goods and services at any commercial point from Moldova;
  • Cash withdrawal 24/24, in Moldova and abroad;
  • Cashless payments (for goods and services);
  • The salary is can be received even when the employee is on leave, trip, etc.;
  • 24/24 access to the Client support service in case the card is lost/ stolen (without additional fees);
  • Safe and confidential operations.

How is the project implemented?

The Bank and the organization sign the contract, regulating the procedures of issuing cards and the procedures of cash transfer to employees’ card accounts, etc.


  • Opens card accounts.
  • Communicates to the organization the number of each card account opened for organization employees.
  • Transfers salaries to employees, as soon as the company transfers them to the Bank. Ensures the processing of card transactions, performed by the employees of the organization.


  • Provides the necessary employee data;
  • Transfers the salaries to the Bank.

Possibilities of Moldindconbank cards -