Moldindconbank offers you the best solution for card payments! In addition, all of the banks POS terminals accept contactless transactions: card, phone or smartwatch. Moldindconbank payment terminals accept payments made with cards issued by global companies: Mastercard® and Visa.

The service is aimed at you, if you sell goods or provide services and you want promotion – the cards are accepted at food and industrial shops, commercial points of service providers, drug stores and hospitals, bars and restaurants, hotels and oil stations, etc.

Payments by cards are a method recommended by the Government of Moldova (Government Decision nr. 709 of 12.06.2003).


  1. We conclude a contract with you, on acceptance of bank cards for payment.
  2. We install at your commercial points POS terminals (electronic sale terminal).
  3. The Bank employees instruct your employees how to use the POS terminal.
  4. At the moment of payment for goods/services, your cashiers, with the help of POS terminal, will conclude the document for payment.
  5. The next working day we transfer to your settlement account / open in our bank or in another bank from Moldova/ the total amount of transactions, minus the commission, negotiated in the contract.

Your advantages:

  • Providing new services to clients. It is convenient for your clients to pay for goods/services by card, given:
    • The client does not need to go to the ATM before going shopping. Attention: on his way towards ATM your client can go to your competitor;
    • The client saves commissions: at the majority of banks, the payment transaction is cheaper for client and in many cases free, compared to withdrawal of cash. The difference is considerable for holders of cards, issued by banks from abroad.
  • Increasing the sale volume.  Paying for goods and services by card, the client less limits his purchases from different objective and subjective reasons:
    • He is not limited by the amount of money he has in his pocket at that moment, because he has access to all his money from the card (he comes to buy a loaf of bread and leaves with a full bucket).
    • Giving the cahier a 100 lei banknote is a material action and more discernible for the client than a simple introduction of PIN code (many clients don’t even remember how much they paid for purchases).

The researches show that card holders have the tendency to spent 10-30 % more than those paying by cash.

  • Attraction of new clients. Card holders are interested to pay by card and will come to your commercial point again.
  • A safe and convenient system of payment. Accepting cards for payment excludes the following risks and costs:
    • Risk to accept fake banknotes;
    • Risk for money to be stolen from cashiers desk;
    • Cost of cash receipt services.
  • Additional publicity: we are ready to discuss the possibility to organize together with you’re your publicity campaigns and create loyalty programs – just ask it !

Commissions and fees perceived*:

The paid fee for transations:

  • using cards issued in Republic of Moldova – 1,8% of amount;
  • using card issued abroad – 2,8% od amount.

POS installation – free.

    Monthly fee for connecting POS terminal at authorization system trasation:

  • POS operated by fixed phone line or Ethernet network – 150 MDL;
  • POS operated by mobile phone line GPRS – 240 MDL.

* May be apply special conditions