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General Banking Conditions for legal entities
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Conditions and maintenance of issued cards for corporate banking


Corporate Card Account


Moldindconbank Corporate cards are the modern payment tools that gives you permanent access to cash in the current account and a range of innovative services for remote maintenance.

Corporate cards are usually used by organizations (enterprises, state institutions etc.) to cover travel and other business-related expenses of employees.

Taking into account modifications to NBM Regulatory Acts, now the Organization can cover other expenses too through Corporate Card ( on the territory of the Republic of Moldova), and can withdraw cash for different goals.

In this order, the Organization shall:

  • open Corporate Card Account;
  • order Cards for a number of employees

Further, all operations through this cards are charged from Organization Account and it is not necessary to offer the employee a cash advance.

Moldindconbank issues corporate cards with international identification mark:

  • MasterCard Business

How can the corporate card be used?

  • To pay for goods and services, offered by traders, who accept cards for payment.
  • To withdraw cash for any purpose, not contrary to legislation in force, including for payment of wages.
  • It is worth mentioning, compared to the withdrawal of cash from your settlement account (which can be done only at the branch, where you have an open account), you can get your cash at any ATM or branch of the Bank or even at branches of other Banks, using your card!

How the card is used in Moldova?

  • To pay for the fuel for your job car.
  • To buy office furniture, stationary, construction materials, food products and beverages for corporative parties or your canteen, etc.
  • To pay for travel and other business related expenses in Moldova.
  • To pay for travel and other business related expenses in Moldova and abroad – withdrawal of cash, payment for tickets, hotel, restaurant expenses, etc.
  • Withdrawal of cash to buy agricultural products – from the sale point, nearest to the branch of the bank, without bringing cash from your town.

How can the corporative card be used abroad?

Abroad, you can use the card to pay for travel and other business related expenses - either directly or by withdrawing cash from ATM or bank counters.

Having the brand of MasterCard system, the Card is served in many hotels, restaurants, shops, banks and other service points in the majority of countries of the world.

Why is it convenient to pay for goods by card?

As a rule, when paying by transfer, the buyer orders goods, gets from the seller the purchases account, on the basis of which he transfers money, takes delivery of goods on the basis of the copy of the order for payment or after the transferred money gets on the seller account.

Using the Card, you pay directly at the sale point by card, completing the invoice and taking goods.

How does the system function?

  1. Card account is open on the name of the Organization.
  2. To the card account there are issued the cards on the names of employees, appointed by Organization.
  3. The Card operations are charged from card account.
  4. The Bank, monthly, or at demand, offers to the Organization the extract from the Card account, where all transactions, divided on cards, are indicated.

How to open a Corporate Card Account and issue cards: card account is open in lei, dollars and euro –to issue MasterCard Business Cards, and in lei- to issue Maestro cards.

  1. When choosing the currency for your account, you shall take into account the following:
    • No matter of your account’s currency, it is possible to perform operations, using different currencies, the only issue regards the conversion expenses;
    • The most often, your account’s currency shall correspond to your incomes` currency;
    • When paying by card in countries where the national currency is not EURO or US dollars, the following conversions are operated:
      • from your account’s currency => into lei,
      • from lei => into EUR,
      • from EUR => into national currency.

      That’s why, in case the card is used for bank operations in EURO and other currencies abroad, the account shall be in lei to avoid the double currency conversion;

    • if the client intends to use the card at commercial points and ATM in Moldova, it is more convenient to open the card account in lei.
  2. To open a Card Account it is necessary:
    • To conclude with the Bank a Contract on serving a corporate card account (2 copies);
    • To perfect the Demand on establishing a corporate cards account.
    • To forward the package of documents indicated in the Demand on establishing a corporate cards account.
    • Note: you can open a card Account here, no matter of the bank serving you.
  3. To order the cards it is necessary:
    • To perfect the Request on establishing a corporative cards account (2 copies);
    • To perfect the Requests on issuing Corporative Cards ( 1 copy for each Card);
    • To inform each Holder (your employee, on whose name you order the Card) on Rules to use the Card.
  4. All documents are concluded in accordance with models developed by the Bank, which can be received at Moldindconbank branches.

How to limit the transactions of employees?

Our organization can set the daily and monthly limits of the total volume of transactions for each card. Thus, the Organization can limit financial expenses of an employee and establish a limit of his competences in paying for expenses of the Organization.

The Organization can block operatively the Employees Card in case it considers it necessary.

Other advantages of Corporate Card:

Compared to cash, losing a Card does not mean losing money. The Card is protected. It is necessary to introduce the PIN code and /or verify through signature.

The Card can be blocked by phone 24/24, 7 days a week, in case it is lost, stolen or the PIN is divulged.

The card is irreplaceable for mobile employees. The organization can easily make transfers to card in case the employee on a trip needs additional money.