WebClient for legal entities

WebClient – Your ideal business partner.

Moldindconbank offers a system of bank customers’ service at distance WebClient

As medium of functioning, “WebClient” system uses the Internet network and fulfills the authorized access to the bank data base, this way allowing the reception of the actual information and operative management of the personal accounts.

“WebClient” system offers to individuals and legal persons the informational service and the possibility of operations carrying out on the accounts:

  • Electronic documents receipt 24/24;
  • Drawing up (by hand or on form) and sending of payment documents;
  • Information receipt regarding account state and turnovers;
  • Work information receipt.

“WebClient” system allows You to carry out bank operation online. Even being abroad in a business trip or vacations, You may always use this system, only a computer connected to the Internet is necessary. In the same time, the system guarantees the absolute protection of bank documents in circulation by using the standard system of encryption of traffic between the bank and the costumer, what assures there legal value.

The comfort and accessibility of “WebClient” system are confirmed by the intelligible interface, reduced volume of the installation package (certificate of security), as well as printing installed in Windows, what allows documents print at local or connected to network, modern, of high productivity, and connected to Windows printers.

Comfortable. Safely. Perspective.

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